I am a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Cape Town School of Economics. There, my work is primarily focused on using agent-based computational models to study financial stability. I wrote my dissertation titled “Agent-Based Simulations of Monetary Policy and Financial Markets” at the University of Groningen. The dissertation is scheduled to be defended on the 11th of June 2020. Below, you will first find an overview of my research and teaching work. I have also included a links to my social media, full academic CV and contact details.


For my research, I model financial and economic systems using agent-based modelling.


Working papers


In 2018, I was awarded the Dutch University Teacher Qualifications degree by the University of Groningen. This degree demonstrates a proven ability to both develop and teach university level courses and is recognized by all other Dutch universities. Starting before that, I have been actively involved in the development of several online courses on the Coursera and Futurelearn platform. Furthermore, I have helped design and taught several years for the following two courses.

  1. Decision making in a complex and uncertain world, on Futurelearn.
  2. Global Finance & Growth, a master course at University of Groningen.

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